smart woman How to Attract Smart Women

Actively searching for and dating a smart woman speaks to a man's own intelligence, and shows what he values in a companion. If you're interesting in finding a woman who is smart, strong and independent, the places you look for love and your initial approach may need to change. To attract a smart woman, you need to show her that you are on the same level, and that you appreciate her intelligence and education.

Step 1

Look in the right places. If a smart woman is in a club or pub, she probably isn't there for anything more than a night out with her girlfriends. Consider places where a typically intelligent woman would frequent: the bookstore, a political rally, the computer store or gallery openings and events. You'll find a woman there who is interested in furthering her knowledge and understanding, and you can prove to her that you prefer the same over the typical singles scene.

Step 2

Begin the conversation without cheesy pickup lines, which will fall flat. A smart woman won't appreciate slick lines. Instead, make an observation about the venue, or ask her questions about her thoughts or opinions to create a connection based on shared intelligence. For instance, if you're at a gallery opening, ask her what she thinks about an artist's used of color, or a photographer's subject matter. If you spot her at a political rally, comment on a politician's latest policy changes.

Step 3

Impress her with your own intelligence, but don't fake it. If you aren't familiar with a subject, ask her. A smart woman will appreciate that you are comfortable enough with your intelligence to allow her to teach you, notes psychologist Christine B. Whelan, in her book, "Why Smart Men Marry Smart Women." If you try to seem more intelligent than you are, it could backfire when a smart woman sees your ruse.

Step 4

Focus on relationships and her desirable traits over her achievements and intelligence, suggests Dr. Alex Benzer, a physician and relationship columnist for The Huffington Post. He notes that a smart woman spends so much time and effort focusing on her achievements that relationships can confuse and intimidate her. She may have not experienced many romantic relationships because of her dedication to her accomplishments and education. Show her that you're interested in her romantically, and that you're willing to focus on all of her desirable qualities, not just her intelligence.