Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Women Body Shapes

You must have learn about various geometrical shapes and size that things belong to, like a ball is round, a box is square and a room is rectangular. But ladies there don’t be surprised to know that there are various shapes in which you can categorize your particular body type.
 How much important is it to know about your body shape? The answer is: as important as you’re looking gorgeous and beautiful is. Infact, for that head turning look you have to know your body shape first and then dress accordingly. Normally, we try to keep in accordance with the measurements of our body. But the measurement is never static, it keeps on changing but the body shape and type remains the same. Even if you gain some extra pounds of weight, the weight to going to get distributed in the same proportion throughout your body so as to let the body shape /type remain the same. So body weight has very less to do with your body shape.
  •  Once you know your body shape, you can dress around the positive attributes of your physical structure to highlight it. And for the flaws, dress so as to hide them by playing with colors, stripes, accessories etc. To appear in proportion you may at times need to add some curves and at other times you may need to create dimensions as well. 

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