Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Exotic Of Graffiti Letters Body Art

Graffiti Alphabet On Back Woman Body

Graffiti Alphabet or Graffiti Letters can be expressed in a body, especially on the women's body. Tattoo art and graffiti is always closely correlated. So it seems fitting that actual graffiti alphabet should follow and flows on waves of body art.

Back Woman Graffiti Wildstyle

They're graffiti artists naughty children so genius and express their artistic style and if you need further proof, feast your eyes on these options.

Blue Women Graffiti Body Art Wildstyle

I can only hope that someone will do in the body directly in graffiti art style, as this would make the body more pop art. This kind of graffiti can be used as a medium of expression for artists.

Green Light Graffiti Body Art

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