Monday, November 7, 2011

Jim Carrey Is Too Gay for America

Jim Carrey Is Too Gay for AmericaIt's true. He just might be. Also today: A Kurt Cobain biopic sounds seriously dreadful, HBO casts two good actresses in two good roles, a teen adventure begins, and some important news about Big Momma's House 3.
Diane Lane, she of the abundant talent and terribly mismanaged career, has signed on to star in HBO's upcoming movie about the filming of the groundbreaking 1973 PBS documentary American Family, essentially the country's first reality show. Well managed! The movie is called Cinema Verite, which is sort of an annoying title, but other than that the project sounds really interesting. More like this, Diane. Less like Untraceable. [THR]
Here's a weird movie. Katie Cassidy, star of the hideous Melrose Place remake and the upcoming sure-to-be-hideous Nightmare On Elm Street remake, will be costarring in Monte Carlo, a teen adventure movie. Not like some older person going on an adventure involving teens. But teens going on an adventure themselves. Selena Gomez is one of those teens. She's the main teen, in fact. Pretend teen Corey Monteith (he's 26) from Glee is along for the ride, as are Leighton Meester and Andie MacDowell. Basically it'll be the brightest, loudest thing ever until Andie MacDowell comes along and says "Hiiiii," in that deadpan Southern robot drone of hers and all the energy will be sucked out of the room forever, teaching teens an important lesson about Andie MacDowell and her inexplicable acting career. [Variety]
"Four Actors Join Big Momma's House" is maybe the most depressing headline written in the trades these days. But four actors have, indeed, joined Big Momma's House 3. Obviously Martin Lawrence is doing it. But now so are Portia Doubleday (the love interest from Michael Cera as Michael Cera in Youth In Revolt), Faizon Love (from very many things, most recently the Oscar-nominated Couples Retreat), Brandon T. Jackson (the poor actor saddled with CGI goat legs in Terrence Malick's Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief), and Michelle Ang (a Malaysian actress from Aussie soap Neighbours). So yay for everyone! Spend the paychecks on something fun. It's basically found money. [THR]
Sigh. I Love You, Phillip Morris, that bizarro gay comedy starring Jim Carrey and Ewan MacGregor, has now had its release delayed indefinitely. The buzzed about and highly praised movie has been pushed back several times, and now it's just... in limbo. Is it too gay? It might be. Or it might be too weird. Or it might be too something else that we're not even thinking about. Whatever the reason, it's disappointing. [EW]
The wonderful but infrequently employed Mare Winnigham has landed a big role in Mildred Pierce, the upcoming HBO miniseries starring Kate Winslet and directed by Todd Haynes. She'll play a friend of Winslet's in Great Depression-era Los Angeles. So good for her! [THR]
This is probably complete bunk, but here goes. Apparently sparklevamp Robert Pattinson is the number one choice to play Kurt Cobain in an upcoming biopic. Really guys? Apparently Courtney Love, heavily involved with the production, really wants Scarlett Johansson to play her. Blergh. [PopEater]

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