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Attracting Beautiful Women: What You Can Do to Attract Women

Beautiful Flirt Attracting Beautiful Women: What You Can Do to Attract Women
Attracting beautiful women begins with showing a good attitude. Contrary to popular belief, your outer appearance, the car you drive and the amount of cash in your bank account aren’t the only things that matter. True, they do play a role in a long-term relationship, but attracting beautiful women requires more than outward appearance and riches. Attracting beautiful women has more to do with how you carry yourself and how well you treat them. Physical appearance is only a small percentage of the qualities they’re looking for in a man.

Key Characteristics for Attracting Beautiful Women

A positive attitude can help in attracting beautiful women, but according to research and studies held by experts, there are four key characteristics that are crucial in attracting beautiful women. Here are a few ways to implement those tips.
  1. Confidence is key. If you ask women what attracts them most to a guy, regardless of where you live in the world, the number one answer is confidence. Attracting beautiful women starts with cultivating your self confidence. Most women have the same perspective, and they say that if a guy thinks he is good and is confident with that, then it conveys she will be safe with him. This security is what pulls her to you, and how she secure she with you, Confidence is the absence of insecurities, so don’t compare yourself with others, and you’ll feel better about yourself.
  2. Be emotionally unaffected. This does not mean that you show no emotion or are insensitive. Quite the opposite, actually. This characteristic means that you will be relaxed and controlled in whatever external circumstances may affect you. This is important for women because essentially, women are known to be prone to panic, and they need someone who can calm them. If you act like you can be their source of comfort, you’ll pass their test and successfully be on your way to attracting beautiful women.
  3. Don’t let other people control you. In other words, be your own person. Attracting beautiful women entails that you don’t let a woman lead you around by a leash. Do things on your own, and don’t necessarily give in to her every whim. However, don’t take this to mean that you shouldn’t take her side when she needs you; just don’t behave like you’re her servant. She may oppose you in this respect to test you, but in the end, you’ll actually have more success in attracting beautiful women if you don’t obey everything they say, when and how they say it. Also, tempt her to cling to you more than you cling to her – nobody likes a clingy guy.
  4. Be the leader. A dominating – yet not domineering – attitude will help in attracting beautiful women. Being a dominating leader is fun and is also a plus in attracting a girl. Women always want to be with a man who is fun to be with, and the dominating types are generally more fun. Crack jokes, and you’ll attract her more and more.

Attracting Beautiful Women: A Look at Appearances

Just because attracting beautiful women is a craft that does not require good looks necessarily does not mean good looks and flashy style doesn’t matter. After all, she has to be seen with you. She doesn’t want to be seen with a dumpy, unfashionable guy when she can just as easily land a handsome, fashionable, fit dude instead of you. Attracting beautiful women means you might have to make sacrifices from your old life and work some style and fashion into your new life.
Here are some places you might need to double check for fashion compatibility. When was the last time you got your hair cut? Is it a current haircut, or is the same one you’ve had since you were 17? Perhaps it’s time for an update. Look at hair magazines for guys, and ask your stylist which one might look best with your hair type.
Attracting beautiful women also requires that you wear somewhat fashionable clothing. No one expects you to go shopping every weekend and dress to the hilt like like a model or movie star, but you should at least show that you’ve made the effort. Try to wear jeans with a nice wash, a casual shirt that’s clean and not too baggy and shoes that don’t look like they’ve been dragged through a pig pen. Keeping your face clean shaven or just a little stubbly can also help you in attracting beautiful women.

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