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As successful women body language

Body Language (Seduction)

The body language of seduction
What do I have to say in a bar or a particular place
successfully approach a woman? ". The question of what undoubtedly makes
reference to the content of language or verbal language. It seems that what is sought
implacable sentence, infallible, a sentence that was launched into the "prey" has no margin
error. However, my answer to that question is: Do we place such
importance to the WHAT, and let us take more attention to HOW. This implies that all
If what matters is not necessarily the message content, but more than anything
body language that accompany what is said and that is what gives
In the art of seduction, as in human communication in terms
general body language has a relevance that is not always considered
in their proper perspective. Is equally or more important than verbal language. In fact,
same sentence accompanied by facial gestures, body posture and tone
different, can be interpreted by the recipient in an opposite way. If I
approached the lady and say you want a wonderful phrase and original, but my language
transmitting body insecurity, fear of ridicule and stiffness, I will not achieve the result
expected. On the contrary, I can say a phrase "vulgar" but so funny
safe and secure to have another impact and perhaps I will create an opening to
approach the other side.
For all I say, it follows that in the development of skills
seduce is paramount to pay attention to body language. Ie
– For what we send.
– To what they transmit.
– A relationship that occurs in the round of verbal and physical
chained together in a circle.
Some of these body signals are not aware, and indeed we are
product of inheritance we received from our ancestors. Therefore, are
common to men and women from different cultures and different eras. Even
some of these behaviors are shared with other species of mammals. Other
signals are typical of a particular culture (and therefore a chronological time
and a geographical location) or subculture. And then there are the characteristic signs of a
individual, we learn throughout history and personal experience.
Finally, we can not forget the settings and the particular codes that
given in each scene of seduction between two people. Therefore, the seduction is a
complex phenomenon that integrates biochemical, cultural, relational and
Body language takes different forms depending on the stage of the seduction process
in which we find ourselves. The messages are issued body conscious
or unconsciously to draw attention, to show interest in a person
particular, to show importance and availability, gradually approaching
strengthen the relationship.
To implement these concepts, the findings will be useful
made by students and pupils of my seduction workshops. In some
sometimes work in groups of men and women on the following slogan:
How men and women express their interest in another person?
The answers appear most frequently are:
a) Signs of male body
– Look into his eyes.
– Insert the abdomen, chest and stretch out the neck.
– Comb or hair suit by hand.
– Light a cigarette and smoking "sensual."
– Trying to draw attention along with friends, like speaking out loud and
– Go through the woman’s side and gently touch her.
– Show, and arches its near or in front of her.
– Approach to talk directly to women.
– Switch between ignore and watch, so as to generate intrigue.
– Playing with car key or your cell phone.
b) women’s body signals
– Look at it without him noticing, and then some brief glances into his eyes.
– Smiling subtly or slyly.
– Set up bodily in his direction.
– Dancing in front of him, to call attention.
– Straightening and improve posture. <

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