Thursday, November 24, 2011

Health Concern for Women

healthy woman
Nowadays, health issues are not new for many. For women and men experienced same health problems but health problems can affect women differently. In this case, you can exemplify that women can feel different symptoms of heart disease compare to men. Aside from this, you would also observe that diseases like osteoarthritis, obesity and depression are very common to women. And to think, other conditions like pregnancy and menopause are very unique to them.
But women should be careful and should not neglect on their own health. They should take care of themselves and should have regular check up to their healthcare provider. In this case, if they get regular check-ups and screenings, there is nothing to worry about.

Health Checklist Recommendation for Women
•    Mammograms
•    Pap tests
•    Obesity
•    Cholesterol checks
•    Blood pressure
•    Colorectal cancer tests
•    Diabetes tests
•    Depression
•    Osteoporosis tests
•    Chlamydia and STD tests

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