Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The issue over to Kate Middleton pregnant

Wedding Kate Middleton with Prince William to stay 2 more weeks. But in the middle of wedding preparations, the issue over to Kate Middleton pregnant.
Star Magazine’s special coverage of the candidates make in-law the late Princess Diana. On the magazine cover is plastered Kate Middleton who was holding his belly pose.
‘Pregnant Bride! “so a big title. According to the magazine’s pregnancy will be announced Kate Middleton and Prince William after the honeymoon. If their baby girl, they’d like to call Diana. Then Kate Middleton really pregnant?
Reported by Showbiz Spy, Thursday (04/14/2011) spokesman insisted the couple’s pregnancy news is not clear. According to the British royal, Kate Middleton is not in a state of pregnancy.
According to the source of the magazine, “They can not wait to share the happy news to the world after the honeymoon! pregnancy was the reason why William and Kate quickly got engaged.

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