Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The cycles of women's body nature

The cycles of women's body nature

Aging is an unavoidable body nature for humanbeing. In old Chinese medicine theory, men and women have different aging process, more precisly, we have different growth cycles from men. From the EMPEROR'S BOOK OF INTERNAL MEDICINE, a classic Chinese medicine book from thousands of years ago, women's growth cycles are 7 years, which means, every 7 years, a woman's body has a big change.
At age of 14, a woman starts her period, but 14 is an average number, it could range from 11 to 16, 14 is a majority age. For western woman , it may differ from estern woman's. Anyway, when the first period starts, it means the woman becomes mature, but the body is not strong enough for fertility. Being ready for pregnancy need to wait until 21 years old, which is another 7 years older, at this age , the physical status tend to be hearty, so it is a golden age for having babies. Between 21 and 28, the body nature grow step by step to the peak time in these 7 years. It was said , at 28 years old , the body status reach the peak time, and women suppose to be strongest at this age. That is why women are suggested to have the first baby before 28 years old.
When the woman reaches 35, aging process becomes obvious. In Chinese medicine, human body has plenty of meridian lines, one of them, called " yangming" tend to be weaker, this meridian have something with the nutrient supply to face and neck, in that case, from 35, women begin to find the first wrinkle appear, and the complexion is not as good as before. And turning to 42 years old, the meridian which offer energy to hair becomes weak too, so the grey hair will be more and more. 49 years old is another mile stone for woman's body nature, at this age, menopause starts, so the period will be irregular until it goes to the end, for most women, from this age, the body shape will be changing as well, and fertility is also a difficult thing.
Knowing these cycles does not simply mean women should sadly accept the process. if we can manage the healthcare and keeping eating the healthy food, even the aging is unavoidable, it can be put off. so cheer up , ladies.

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