Saturday, November 5, 2011

Are you Single And Desperate For A Boyfriend?

Welcome to the age of the pash and dash; the fuck and flee – where men get to act like kids in a candy store and pick and mix as they please.
Well, ladies, it’s time for us to take a stand. It’s time for women to seize back the dating power. We’re no longer going to be lied to, cheated on, played, trapped, used, dumped, tossed away like last night’s condom. It’s time modern women stood up on their high heels and shouted that we’re no longer going to be the victims of the dating game gone wrong. No longer will we let men break our hearts into a million different pieces as they flick through their multitude of options. And no longer are we going to make ourselves sick on a diet of Candy Men, quick fixes and addictive behaviors.

It angers me to see so many intelligent women morphing into SADFABs (Single And Desperate For A Boyfriend . . . or baby) just because some loser they dated or slept with never called again, never apologized and never plucked up the courage to offer an explanation or any sense of closure.
I am here to tell you that you are better than that. So no more hanging around a man you know is a lecherous cad just so you don’t end up alone, and ‘on the shelf ‘, or don’t have to arrive at your best friend’s wedding with a rent-a-date just to avoid the dreaded, ‘so when will we be seeing a ring on your finger?’
It’s time to stand up to anyone who pressures you to hurry up and marry the next eligible Lothario who works his devilish charm on you, or to settle for the next decent man who comes along even if he doesn’t share your tastes in anything. Who cares if our mothers were married and had two kids by the time they were twenty-five? Who cares that by some men’s standards women are over the hill the instant they hit twenty-five? We’re a different generation. We’re ‘freemales’ – modern women who do what they want. And we’re not about to let a bunch of old-fashioned nobs tell us how to run our lives.
You are in control of your destiny. Seize it. Just don’t seize a man and dig your fingernails into him so deeply that he has no choice but to run.

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