Friday, December 9, 2011

Tennis WAGs: the WAGs of Wimbledon

Tennis WAGs: the WAGs of Wimbledon

imbledon starts next week. For the average gent, this will involve the following basic activities:
1. Not watching that much of it. 
2. Watching a bit of it, thinking how easy it looks and promptly booking yourself a tennis court. 
3. Realising you and your mates are rubbish, you’ve only got one ball between you (in the tennis sense) and it’s mostly just lots of standing around while one of you goes to collect it every time it’s wildly thrashed off-court. 
4. Wishing Anna Kournikova was still playing. 
5. Enjoying the wonders of an English summer. 
6. Cursing as it starts to rain. 
7. Laughing when one of the overly keen grounds staff gets rolled up in the covers as they try to unravel them with military urgency after some twerp mistakenly swore they “felt a speck of rain”. 
8. Wondering whether all that grunting really helps matters. 
9. Applying grunting to your everyday life when opening doors, sitting down, doing up your flies, cooking omelettes, etc – before your girlfriend gets sick of it, calls ‘time’ on your relationship and leaves you to grunt-slam the front door behind her. 
10. Checking out hot girls in the crowd, thinking, “Who is SHE?”
Well, we can’t help you with points one-to-nine, but we’ve got number 10 covered.
On the following 10 pages, you’ll find the sexiest tennis WAGs that you might spot at Wimbledon. Enjoy, and remember: never date a tennis player – love means nothing to them.

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