Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Maxwell Zagorski Shirtless

We have seen male model Maxwell Zagorski in Jockey before and now there’s more shots of hot Maxwell Zagorski in boxers briefs and shorts. We just love to watch a hot guy strut boxers right.

More Maxwell Zagorski shirtless pics after the jump.

Max Rhyser Shirtless

Male model Max Rhyser is a hot guy with the perfect pecs. He looks so good in his underwear pictures and his handsome face is just impeccable.

More Max Rhyser shirtless pictures after the jump.

Neil Etheridge Shirtless Folded & Hung Underwear

The gorgeous goalkeeper of the Philippines Azkals Neil Etheridge is endorsing the underwear line of Folded and Hung. Neil is perfect for this campaign and I am pretty sure many girls and guys alike are delighted with this update.

Matt Loewen Shirtless

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Shirtless male model Matt Loewen goes shirtless to show off his underwear body and of course, we never felt disappointed.

More Matt Loewen shirtless photos in underwear after the jump.

Matt Lanter Shirtless

Matt Lanter is one of the most promising young actors in Hollywood right now and he is also a very gorgeous shirtless hunk.

More Matt Lanter shirtless photos after the jump.

Matt Cohen shirtless

Young male model Matt Cohen is certainly heating up the screens in this shirtless collection where youth, vigor, and masculinity just overflow.

More Matt Cohen shirtless photos after the jump.

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