Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hot Man Brad Pitt plays ‘Ball’ at Fenway

 Hot Man Brad Pitt plays Ball at Fenway

Hot Man Brad Pitt plays ‘Ball’ at Fenway:  Brad Pitt hit Lansdowne Street yesterday to film scenes for “Moneyball” – but if the script stays true to the book, the Boston Red Sox [team stats] will not look as good onscreen as the Hollywood uber hunk!
Based on the 2003 Michael Lewis bestseller, the flick tells the story of Oakland A’s GM Billy Beane, played by Pitt, who put together a winning ball team on a shoestring by drafting the then-obscure concept of Sabermetrics.
Ex-Sox catcher Scott Hatteberg, played by “Parks and Recreation” shoe-shine guy Chris Pratt, got his own chapter in “Moneyball” and is portrayed as the quintessential Beane ballplayer. But Hatteberg, who played catcher for the Sox for almost seven seasons, wasn’t appreciated by the baseball brains on Yawkey Way back in the day.

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