Friday, December 9, 2011

About Girls


Tiffany in 2007. Tiffany actually had long hair, before shooting the into the new world MV! So Cute and Fresh!
Tiffany considered the most popular member in 2007, but now YoonA is probably the most popular, but that's in Korea not worldwide. I love Tiffany because she is very kind and care about her girls of SNSD, that's how she got the nick name T-Manager. She is also considered for having the best eye-smile!

Hyoyeon in 2007 the fierce girl with blonde locks. 
Moving on to the EU's most popular member, Hyoyeon! The Dancing Queen, full of Energy, and always so kind hearted. She charms with her moves and funny expressions when she is shocked or WOWed, this is Hyo Unnie every one!

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