Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Women & Sex.

Yes, it’s true. Over 43% of women in the US have some type of sexual dysfunction. In this article I’m specifically talking about Low Libido (Low Sexual Desire), Frigidity, and Poor Orgasm.
The problem of low sexual desire is not something we are just seeing happen in today’s day and age. Women (and Men) at all times in history have felt the need for help in the sexual area. This part of our lives is at the most basic, elemental center of our being.
Libido-lowering elements such as:  the over-use of drugs (antibiotics and many prescription drugs have side effects of impairing sex drive),  a stressed, high-pressured, rushed lifestyle, hormone-injected foods, foods with hormone-disrupting chemicals, and high fat nutrient-poor diets laced with sugar and refined flours,  all lead to a lack of time for love-making, low energy and low libido.
Frigidity is painful intercourse usually due to vaginal dryness, and/or fear rooted in sexual trauma (possibly rape, molestation, or any other sexual episode in the woman’s life that brings her discomfort when trying to be intimate).  If vaginal dryness is the concern I recommend improving lubrication internally and improving skin tone.  Fear to have sex because of some physical or emotional trauma may also bring on depression.   If a woman is taking anti-depressants or other medications, her libido is almost guaranteed to suffer.  If she feels she cannot be pleased or please her partner, it may bring about despair and an even more depressed state, and it becomes a vicious cycle.  Depression-related libido problems are resolved when we increase serotonin and also naturally improve libido with herbal aphrodisiacs (sexual enhancing herbs).
Poor or no orgasm in a woman can be due to:  a weakened circulatory system, and/or emotional disconnect with her sexual partner (since a woman’s sexual response is very much physical and emotional stimuli), and poor self-body image.  When it comes to circulation, for a woman to be more sensitive improved blood supply to vaginal walls is necessary.  Regarding poor self-body image, you must remember Ladies, that you must learn to love yourself first and foremost.  Think of your body positively,  know and understand what pleases you sexually, and share with your partner all your ideas, no matter what they may be, with your partner.  Walk around your home in the nude as often as you can. Look at yourself in the mirror.  If you do not put yourself on a pedestal and love and treat yourself as the Queen that you are, who can know how they should treat you?
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches us that all the above symptoms in women are due to weakness, weak energy, fear/fright, damp-heat within the body, and the main organs of focus are the Kidneys.  The kidneys are in charge of reproduction, growth (because they also dominate the structural system such as bones, joints, etc.) and maintenance of the metabolic balance of water. Located in the lumbar region of the body, it is said the loins (hips, groin, lower abdomen, reproductive organs) are the residence of the kidneys; so, when the kidneys are ill/diseased, symptoms may occur across the loins.  Fear is the emotion related to the Kidneys.  And you’ve learned enough with my past information that emotions affect us physically.  In other words, if there is Low Libido, Frigidity, and Poor Orgasm, focus on the Kidneys!  TCM further teaches us that when the Kidneys are not nourished properly, a woman may be suffering infertility also. All should be treated by toning, strengthening, and reinforcing the kidneys’ energy.  In this way we also eliminate deep rooted Fear.

In my office I’ve seen time and again the concerned look in many female patients’ faces, and worry in their eyes because they just don’t ‘feel’ right.
The recommendations I’ve made below are revitalizers for sexual energy as well as effective natural treatments for the unfortunate and common sexual problems I’ve stated in this article.  Herbs have a centuries-old reputation for effectiveness in working with the body toward sexual health and enhancement.
Use the following combination of herbal supplements for increased sexual desire naturally and hormonal balance:

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