Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cause of Less Women Passion

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Cause of Less Women Passion : Less women passion is influenced by many factors. Physical and psychological factors is one cause of less women passion. Health factors can also influence it. Many husbands who want to have sex to feel upset when less women passion. Wife’s desire to have intercourse influenced many reasons.

The cause of Less Women Passion

Less Women passion when stress

Everyday problems with work or family can make a less women passion. And if in times of stress women prefer not to have intercourse. It’s good for the husband if less women passion because of stress to reduce stressnya first.
Less Women Passion when Breastfeeding.
When wife is breastfeeding, the content of prolactin (a hormone that triggers milk production) may reduce sex drive. So could lead to less desire a woman when I want to have sex.
Less Women Passion when use contraceptives
Some women will feel less women passion when decreased sexual drive or desire pill due to household consumption (or other types of hormonal treatment to control pregnancy such as patches, rings, or injections).
Less Women Passion when Fight
Any relations or relations of course will be faced with the challenge of either conflict or desire. This will affect a woman’s desire to make love.
Low levels of testosterone.
The hormone testosterone in women is urgently needed to improve sexual arousal. On the other hand, if there is a sex hormone binding globulin hormones in high levels it will be able to reduce sexual desire in a woman ..
Fears or anxiety in intimacy.
Inability to control the level of intimacy that emerge and are maintained in a relationship is the reason that often arise from lack of female desire. Anxiety usually occurs because the woman never got a bad experience that had experienced when in the past.
Appearance or body shape.
Women who see or think of themselves not attractive either for couples or himself could lose confidence that led to the less women passion.

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