Monday, February 13, 2012

Ladyboy - Poy thai lady boy

Ladyboys or a Kathoey/Katoey as they're called in Thai (Thai: กะเทย) is roughly translated as being a male-to-female transgender person or a male crossdresser but in Thailand, they are often seen as a "third sex." Unlike a mtf person, a ladyboy often stops their transformation at breasts, which they obtain by means of cosmetic surgery, female hormone therapy or a combination of both. However, some ladyboys do indeed undergo full sex change surgery. Unlike a crossdresser, a ladyboy generally behaves like a woman full time and presents themselves as such. A ladyboy often dresses like a woman, wears makeup, and will grow their natural hair long where crossdressers often wear wigs and resume daily life as a male. Ladyboys are quite popular in Thai media as well as in the Thai sex industry. There are many ladyboy beauty contests held in Thailand every year. A ladyboy may also be known as a shemale.

Nong Poy is a popular Thai ladyboy who is featured in various Thai media.

Nong Poy

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