Thursday, October 6, 2011

Find Love in the Philippines

If you have been searching for someone special, the Philippines is full of them! If she really is a girl in a million, then there are 23 more just like her you haven’t met yet!!!! Be aware that Philippine Law strictly forbids mail order bride services operating from the country, so make sure any penpal or introduction service you use doesn’t promise marriage and doesn’t charge the Filipina any fees. Please avoid using the term mail order bride, it is a misnomer and offensive to many. Filipina’s are like any other woman, your mother, sister, the girl next door back home. Treat them with respect and dignity, no matter how rich or poor, where you meet them or what they do to survive. Be warned some girls will run scams and bleed some men for money, but we will show you how to detect a scammer, and also point you in the direction of someone who can help if you think you are being scammed!

Retirement on Limited Income?

The prospect of retiring on a limited pension may seem bleak. How can you best enjoy the remaining years of your life? The Philippine Leisure and Retirement Authority (PLRA) might just have the answer to problems like yours.
According to PLRA, more than 10,000 retirees from 70 countries including Japan, South Korea, and China are now registered residents of the Philippines, and people like you may very well join them.
To qualify, retirees are required to maintain a US-dollar account in an accredited bank for six months. After that period, the dollar deposit may be converted into a peso account, or withdrawn for purposes of investments in the country.
All PLRA-registered retirees may invest in five areas: condominium units, new or existing corporations in the country, long-term lease of land and construction of a house, golf shares, and stocks traded in the Philippine Stock Exchange.
PLRA works closely with lawmakers, crafting a bill that, when enacted into law, would grant more incentives to non-Filipinos who wish to retire in the country. Among the additional incentives is the grant of exemption from inheritance taxes for the retirees and their beneficiaries.
Non-Filipinos may be delighted to know that real property is among the safest investments in town, and the most affordable. Prices are low, compared to other Asian countries. It is possible to acquire a big house located a few kilometers from, or a condominium unit within, Metro Manila’s business/commercial district at a cost of just P5 million, or less than US$100,000.
Foreclosed properties are much lower, of course. There are many such properties, and the banks that acquired them are offering them at very low prices. And a good number of them should appeal to the high-end buyer.
The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is one such institutions. It has a list of real properties that investors can choose from, in Metro Manila and all over the Philippines.
Vice President Yvonne Lih of BPI Property Management and Sales Division says the bank assign caretakers and guards to look after them. It also keeps tax payments updated and documents in order to facilitate sale.
For buyers from Japan—Filipino or Japanese or Filipino-Japanese—Laguna is an ideal place to enjoy their retirement. These provinces have good hospitals, private and public, that offer excellent health care. And they have less pollution problems, or none at all. So do Cebu in Central Philippines, which Japanese love to visit anyway, and a host of other cities.
The Philippines offers so much excitement with its mixture of Western and Eastern cultures.

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