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Thai Ladies Will Love You Long Time!Dependent On The Cash Not Running Out!!


Issan Dating Agency

These Videos on U Tube are for a Dating Agency In Issan where I live.The people who run these Agencies are doing so in order to make money,which is fair enough.This of course means that it is their interests which concern them,not yours.
They will doubtless fulfill their side of the bargain by introducing you to lots of pretty Girls.This is not particularly difficult for them to do as Issan has literaly thousands of Women looking for a Western Man.
The reason that I have a problem with,not just this Agency,but all Agencies is the fact that One can meet exactly the same Women at a Dating site like “Thai Love Links” for a fraction of the cost!!
I also think that the circumstances under which one will meet Thai Women through an Agency are not conducive to finding out the reality behind the the Ladies quest for a Western partner.All you will find out is that she is very pretty and smiles a lot!So do 20 Million other Thai Women!
Chatting to a Thai Woman online over a period of time will enable you to find out a lot more about her than actually meeting face to face.
If you read some of my articles on “Hub Pages” and also read my Website this will give you real insight into Thai Womens motivations and will suggest the right questions to ask so that you should be able to weed out the out and out opportunists,of which there are MANY!!!

Hi There Welcome To The Blog

Normally The Articles I write regarding relationships are published on “Hub Pages”the reader simply clicks on the image of the story he wants to read in the sidebar and he is redirected to the appropraite location.Three of my most widely read stories on hub pages had the advertising on them blocked by the editorial team at Hub Pages.The reason they do this is because they are terrified of Google!!Hub Pages obviously make a lot of money from their cut of the advertising on the thousands of Hubs which are read.
The reason the three hubs in question violate Googles terms of service is apparently because they pose the question,in some cases are Western Men being more sensible by having sex with Bar-Girls as opposed to Marrying into a greedy Thai Family.Obviously from my perspective it is a perfectly reasonable qestion to ask.But in a terse reply to my query the Hub Pages Editorial (Censorship) team advised that anything which advocated prostitution was a breach of Googles Terms!!
OK no real problem I make literally pennies from the advertising on my Hubs,I write them because I enjoy writing!!But as my own little protest I have taken them off of hub pages and published them here.What really pisses me off is Google’s total hipocracy.The reader may not be aware that the main publisher of adverts for “Bukake” online is Google.So it is ok for Google to publish stuff about “Hot sticky Babes covered with GOO!!”,with all the attendant Videos,but when I make a serious point about the reality of Thai/Western relationships,I am slapped on the wrist like a naughty schoolboy.I really did find it a bit rich when Google started Bleating about Censorship in China a few Months ago!! The phrase people who live in Glass Houses should not throw stones leaps to mind!!!
The Three Articles Directly Below This Are The Ones In Question.If Anyone Who Reads Them Is Offended By The Content I Suggest You Wake Up And Realise Which Century We Are Living In!

Am I Really A Sex Tourist

As A Hobby It Certainly Beats The Hell Out Of stamp Collecting
I of course do not recognise this as being an accurate description!! One never does I suspect when one is the object of discussion. It is definitely the case that several of my former friends and neighbours in the small Village in England which I used to call home think that the title sex tourist describes me very well!!
I have lived alone since being divorced by my second wife some fifteen years ago (OK I freely admit that I was not very good at being Married.) Having always been attracted by Asian Women I joined the premier Thai Dating site “Thai Love Links” some four years ago.
I was amazed and astounded by the sheer volume of lovely Thai Women who wanted to chat with me. I was like a kid in a candy store online dating really is great fun. Quite soon I started talking exclusively to one Lady, a hairdresser from a Town in Issan (North Eastern Thailand.) We quickly made the switch from the dating site to Yahoo and MSN Messenger.
I bought a web cam and Nooch had access to a cam at the internet Café ‘e where she would go. Nooch would visit the internet Café’s twice a week and I really looked forward to talking to my lovely Thai Lady!!
Like all the other thousands of Western Men talking to his Thai Lady or Philippina or whatever I really had no idea how things worked in Asia and in fact never stopped to wonder if their were ulterior motives in Nooche,s professed love for me!!!
Nowadays I try to warn Men through my Blog and Website of the inherent dangers in becoming involved with the wrong type of Thai Woman. Or indeed of falling foul of any of the myriad Thai Marriage Scams. At this point I should admit to having broken all the rules of Online Dating!!! for example I sent Nooch two hundred pounds on her birthday.
I should in fact have been alerted by the flowery and mind numbingly cheesy exhortations of love and desire which this donation elicited. There is a book (probably more than one) published in Thailand which lists hundreds of totally risible love quotes suitable for every occassion!!!When translated from Thai many of them are extremely funny and I only wish I could remember some of them.
In truth I actually found these poetic outpourings quite charming and spent my days (and nights) in imagining a future with Nooch!! Much later in the affair I in fact found the dog eared copy of the above mentioned scammers bible in Nooch,es tatty little hairdressing shop,where I have no doubt it is brought out periodically to find the right sentiment to send to the Man of the moment!!
Back in England where I was preparing for my move to the mysterious East I found myself being dropped from the dinner guest list of a couple who had been very kind to me and whom I considered to be good friends!!
Village life being what it is I found out pretty quickly that the reason for my being cast into the wilderness was the Female half of the duo,s disapproval of the fact that I was exploiting defenceless Asian Women!!It was as if I was singlehandedly going to abuse and debase the flower of South East Asia,s Womanhood!!
I admit that the above description is a somewhat flippant attempt on my part to make light of this Ladies no doubt genuinly held disaproval of the course of action on which I was embarked!!But as the old saying goes in for a penny in for a pound!!!
If the truth were known I was rather hurt by the above and found myself questioning my motives. Having now lived in Thailand for some considerable time I have no hesitation in stating that Thai Women are NOT being exploited by Western Men it is a two way street.
I honestly believe in the long run if anyone is being exploited it is the Men. One of course could argue that if these guys were not pursuing the Women then they would not be getting ripped off!! This argument could go on ad infinitem and is a pretty pointless excercise Men chase Women,end of story!!
My former friend and dinner party hostess was in no doubts that what I was doing was wrong and something that should not be condoned by decent people. I should mention that the lady in question is a stalwart of the Village Church and a devoted acolyte of the Vicar.
Now I am not a religious person and do not attend Church but this Vicar is in fact one of the nicest Guys you could ever hope to meet, and endeared himself to me by his non judgemental attitude and his ability to tell filthy stories!!! I think if there were more preachers like this then Church attendances would not be declining at the rate which they are!!
As you have probably guessed my Thai Lady turned out to be in it just for the cash, (as are so many Thai Ladies!!) The suggested figure for moving in with me was Thirty Thousand Bah t per month, a lot of money unless you happen to be particularly well off!!
At first I was quite hurt and angry at having been conned by the Lady which is how I saw it. Now having lived in Thailand for some time I understand that this is the way things work here. In fact I was really lucky all that I lost was a few hundred pounds which I had spent on gifts for Thanaporn (her real Thai Name.)
Some poor guys get taken for huge amounts, a few loose everything, (see my website and blog for more information.) For anyone who is interested I have written a Hub detailing Thanaporn or Rose as she is currently calling herself,s latest attempts to find a sucker!! The Hub is called World Wide Internet Dating Scams!! If you happen to be talking to this Lady watch out!!
In answer to the title of the piece “am I a Sex Tourist?” I suppose if my arm were twisted I would have to admit to there being an element of truth in the description.I am certainly getting my fair share of sex here,whilst in England that particular well had gone dry years ago!!And to be perfectly frank I really am not interested in whatever label people wish to attach to me!!
What I had to look forward to back in my little English Village was evenings spent alone watching TV. And the promise by my Philippina neighbours that when I was eventually admitted to the care home in which they all work, looking after elderly mentally frail people (a euphemism for poor souls suffering from Altziemers) that one of them would personally change my pad!!!!The highlight of my existence being the continuing dinner invitations from a wonderful young couple who lived just along the street.
Whereas here every day is a new adventure, I spent yesterday lolling at the swimming pool sunbathing. Then came home to eat chilled Mango and have a nap!! I am even thinking of buying a motorcycle so that I can explore Thailand and eventually Laos,Cambodia and Vietnam. And of course Meow my new Hairdresser Lady friend pops round to see me from time to time and we discuss Tourism!!!!!!
Hopefully it will be some time before I have to take up my Philippina friends offer of a personalised nappy changing service!! At least should I end up in this sad home for bewildered souls I will be spared visits from my former hostess having placed myself well and truly beyond the pail!!

Thai Marriage The Reality

The Man who sleepwalks his way into a relationship with a Thai Women without taking account of the Family bonds and the cultural differences is heading for a rude awakening. His prospective partner will in all likelihood already have her own Children. If she is earning a living by working away from home her children will be cared for by the Grandparents and she will regularly send home money for the Children and her parents and siblings. The reason she may be interested in finding a Western Husband is purely economic.For all of the reasons just mentioned this makes it imperative for any Man intent on a relationship with such a Woman to seek out the appropriate Thai Marriage advice which is available at no cost on the Internet.
Most Men will have met their prospective partner on an internet dating site although these sites do a great job in bringing people together it is important for you to remember that you really have no way of verifying the veracity of what you are being told. You should under no circumstances offer to send money to your prospective partner and if she starts dropping hints about urgently needing cash help my advice is to hit the BLOCK button and have nothing further to do with her!!
Whilst not an identical scenario I was told this morning about a very attractive bar girl who is being regularly sent money by three different Western men she is in fact pocketing the best part of Two Thousand Pounds Sterling every month.This is a lot of money in anyones currency but in Thailand this girl is already a millionaire!!
Admittedly the girl mentioned above had met and bedded these Men for her the Internet is just one more tool of her trade you might call it after sales service!! I have myself witnessed in an internet café a Thai female conducting relationships with several men at the same time. These chat sites are great fun and many couples do meet each other this way but as with everything else in Thailand you must make caution your watchword!!
One has only to spend an hour or so online after entering the phrase Thai Marriage Scams or something similar into your favourite search engine sit back and be prepared to be amazed.The scope and audacity of the cons used to extort money from gulable Western Men is truly epic!! It must be said that the Men who get ripped off in this fashion are possibly perfectly sensible in every other respect but when pitted against a greedy Thai Woman they are as lambs going to the slaughter.
Anyone who has read one of my diatribes will have noticed that I frequently site the Woman,s Family as being the major cause of Marriage break down between Thai,s and Westerners. The close bonds of kinship making it impossible for the Woman to ignore any requests for cash help which will be channelled through her. The above should not exclude the possibility however that you just plain picked the wrong Woman!!
The majority of disaster stories which one reads off will involve a significant age gap between the couple. One has to try and put oneself in the position of a sixty year old often lonely Western Man who has literally been swept off his feet by a beautiful, sexy young Thai Woman. If only there were some kind of medication available which would immunise men in this high risk category!!
This is not to say that relationships between older Men and younger women are destined to fail in fact the contrary is true Thai,s in general do not have the same taboos about age difference which prevail in the West.The point I am making is that if you are an older Man and are being sweet talked by an impossibly beautiful twenty year old you have to stop and ask yourself why.You will undoubtably chat to all sorts of lovely Women just be realistic in your expectations.
Finding the right woman is crucial!! There are lots of them !!By taking it nice and slowly and not allowing yourself to be dazzled you will stand a much better chance of finding the Lady who is good for you. Do your homework find out as much about the Woman and her Family as you can. If you have doubts do not shy away from ending the courtship. There are plenty other prospective partners out there both for you and the Woman.
The Man who goes about things in a sensible way and takes on board all the good advice available out there will in all probability find his ideal partner.Whereas the fellow who charges ahead like a bull in a china shop and fails to check out the situation on the ground will very likely learn a rather expensive lesson!!There is an old saying where I come from which goes ” Marry in haste repent in leisure” I know it sounds trite, old sayings usually do,but it has an incredible relevancy for anyone thinking of forming a relationship with a Thai Woman!!

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