Does She Just Want Some Spending Cash,Or Will She Spend All Your Cash!
Let me start by explaining that I am not in fact referring to anyone as bad!!.”Bad Lady” is the euphemism used by Thais to describe prostitutes. This brings us to the definition of what is a prostitute.
Bar girls are the obvious choice they are selling sex for a living. Men will be charged around one thousand Bah t by the girl to spend the night with her,and if he is taking her away from the bar during opening hours he will have to pay a “Bar Fine” of around three hundred Bah t
But what about the Hairdresser or the pretty Girl from The Seven Eleven Store who comes back to your apartment with you. All of these Ladies will expect a cash gratuity on their departure. This grey area between Bar Girls and a large segment of the female population could only exist in a country as complex as Thailand.
There was some dialogue in a film whose name I cannot remember when the outraged Female says ” How dare you I would never sleep with a Man for five thousand pounds!!” What do you take me for?” The reply being ” Madam, I have already established what you are!!!” I am just negotiating a price!!”
Whether you label the above Women as prostitutes or not is really immaterial,they are undoubtedly selling sex,albeit in a more discreet way. As with everything in Thailand nothing is ever quite what it seems. The one constant here is that there is a price for everything,and if there is a Bah t to be made then a Thai Woman or Man will be making it
OK enough with the naughty Girls let us move swiftly on to the good Ladies!!Good Ladies in this context I suppose would be described as possibly Middle Class Women. School Teachers, Government Employees and all salaried Women will belong to this category. These Women will not dream of hinting about a cash settlement at the end of the evening!!!
The Man who starts a relationship with a “good Thai Lady” will undoubtedly find that whilst not being expected to hand over five hundred Bah t at the end of the night he will, very subtly,be invited to stump up for a myriad of big ticket items!!
I have an acquaintance who is seeing a Thai Lady the Lady in question is a Government Employee she lives and works in a rather small Town some two hours drive from the City where this Man Lives. Whilst not from a particularly wealthy Family this Lady is by no means poor .
In the heady days at the beginning of the affair this Chap bought his Lady an expensive gold bracelet (Thai Women Love gold!!) Having to go back to Germany for a short while he noticed on his return that his Lady was not wearing the bracelet. When questioned his partner quite freely and without embarrassment explained that she had needed money for something and sold the bracelet to get it!!
Whilst it would appear that what this Woman did in cashing in the bracelet was rather a hurtful thing to do it is undoubtedly an improvement on the Bar Girl approach which is to pawn the article spend the cash then get the poor sucker to buy it back for her .
As mentioned the above Woman lives and works some distance from her Farang boyfriend and only sees him some Weekends. Deciding that she needed a new car she explained to her partner that she did not have sufficient funds to buy a vehicle outright,besides which most big ticket items in Thailand are bought on credit as interest on repayments is incredibly low!! The Falang very generously offered to meet the Monthly repayments if the Lady paid the initial deposit.
The upshot of the story is that the Lady got a Bright Shiny New car meanwhile the Guy rides around Town on a scooter!! Now he probably does not need a car and she obviously does .My point is that we are talking about a nice sincere Thai Woman but she is getting more money out of her Fa-rang than any shop-girl,hairdresser or indeed Bar Girl!!
The Lady comes up to visit her Man most Weekends. A part of the routine is a visit to one of the several Superstores in Town where she loads the car up with goodies for the Family which will be transported back home with her on Sunday Night, naturally all this is paid for by her Fa-rang Boyfriend
As for the Guy,I would not have taken him for a naive person and he is certainly aware how things work in Thailand. Whether or not he ever stops to wonder if he is being ripped off by his Thai Woman I do not know. But I am sure of one thing ,and that is, if given a choice between the two scenarios I would not choose the Latter!!
Obviously the choice between Good and Bad Ladies in Thailand is not as clear cut as the example shown here .Many Men find a nice Thai Lady and settle in quite happily. While others will inadvertently Marry into the Family from hell who will attempt to bleed him dry. And yet others will quite happily settle for the Hairdresser or the Shop Girl.
In fact I should finish my scribblings for Today the arrival of Meow my Hairdresser Friend is imminent!!!!!