Thursday, March 1, 2012

Emmanuelle Chriqui Talks About Entourage Season 8 at Hamptons Cover Party

Emmanuelle Chriqui talked about Entourage season 8 just one night before its premiere on HBO last Sunday. On Saturday evening, cast and crew members attended Chriqui's Hamptons magazine cover party with anticipation for the final season high.
With Entourage in its last season on HBO, fans are eager to find out what will happen. On Saturday night, cast and crew unwound at the Hamptons magazine cover party with Emmanuelle Chriqui at South Pointe Nightclub in Southampton, NY, presented by Baume and Mercier. The beautiful Emmanuelle Chriqui was at the center of attention. Also in attendance were Entourage creator/writer Doug Ellin and his wife, Melissa Hecht.
With the Hamptons having a heat wave, the night became even hotter when Chriqui entered the party wearing a fabulous reddish orange gown. As Chriqui smiled and mingled with Hamptons elite, everyone swayed to the sounds of internationally acclaimed DJ Flexican of Steel Artist Management.Chriqui graciously spoke to Huliq about the upcoming season of Entourage, her career and personal life. The lovely actress started acting in her native Canada when she was about 16 years old. After doing one-liners, two-liners and bits on shows, one of her big breaks was a McDonald's commercial.
Originally, Chriqui auditioned for three episodes of Entourage and landed the part of Sloan McQuewick. She was surprised to be part of the show for six years and never anticipated its success. Chriqui admitted there might have been room for another season but stated, “We're leaving on a high note and let's see what's next.”
With regard to the final season of Entourage only having eight episodes, Chriqui promised, “There's eight, but they're eight strong. It's really a strong season.” Chriqui also admitted, “It's amazing to be part of something so successful. I'm looking forward to whatever comes next.”One of Chriqui's current successes was her cover shoot for tony Hamptons magazine. Her pretty face on the cover of Hamptons magazine graced every corner of the party venue. Chriqui said about the cover, “I am really happy. You don't generally hear yourself saying you're happy with a cover.”
Besides the Hamptons magazine cover, Chriqui confirmed she is the voice of Cheetara on the upcoming Thundercats animated series. She also joined Showtime's 2011 series The Borgias, playing Sancia. Chriqui's past credits include 100 Girls and You Don't Mess with the Zohan with Adam Sandler. In May, 2010, Chriqui topped the "Most Desirable Women of 2010" list.
Chriqui did not discuss future projects but said there were “lots of irons on the fire” and “moving onwards and upwards...that's the goal.” The attractive actress admitted to having a long-term boyfriend but was “way too private” to reveal his name. When asked if a baby stroller might be in the near future after Entourage, Chriqui chuckled, “No, definitely not anytime soon!”
Entourage brings to mind another HBO success story, Sex and the City. Fans wanted to keep up with their favorite characters, inspiring two Sex and the City movies. There are already rumors about a possible Entourage movie as fans reluctantly prepare to bid farewell to Vince, Eric, Ari, Turtle, Drama and Sloan.

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