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tattoos art

Best Tattoo Art 150x150 tattoos art
tattoos art
Are you interested in getting a tattoo? If so Tattoos and Art is happy to provide you with thousands of free tattoo designs, pictures and tattoo ideas. At Tattoos and Art we write about all different kinds of tattoos and their meanings in an effort to educate the common tattoo customer, enthusiast, or artist. We also provide free tattoo designs, pictures and patterns to help you get in touch with your creative mind and decide on your perfect tattoo.
tattoo art artist 6 i  150x150 tattoos art
tattoos art
The sole purpose of Tattoos and Art is to provide an insight to various tattoo meanings, provide free tattoo designs, spark your interest with new tattoo ideas and ultimately to educate people with the hope that you know more about tattoos then you did before. Feel free to join our new Tattoo Forum where you can be sure to get virtually any tattoo related question answered in a timely manner. Posting comments in each tattoo category will get you the feedback your looking for as well.
Tattoos and Art is constantly updated with new tattoo designs, tattoo categories and meanings. As of now we have over 10,000 tattoo designs for your viewing pleasure in over 200 different categories and over 80,000 words describing the meanings of various tattoo designs.
Popular Tattoo Designs
Star Tattoos – From shooting stars to nautical stars, this symbol bears many qualities that make it very popular in all of its forms. It is versatile, unisex and has a vast array of meaning. For instance, the Star of David has a religious significance, while the septagram star represents a certain amount of mysticism; shooting stars are a talisman for luck, while depictions of astrological stars show a connection with the wearer’s connection with the zodiac. >> Star Tattoo Designs
Tattoo Art Designs For Woman 150x150 tattoos art
tattoos art
Tribal Tattoos – You can see tribal tattoos by flipping through magazines, watching television or even walking past you on the street. Although these tattoo designs have become very popular in the modern world, their roots span way back, and carry a rich cultural history. They were initially used to signify rank, and although this remains true today, they are often used solely for their aesthetically exquisite and protean designs, often signifying little other than beauty. >> Tribal Tattoo Designs
Cross Tattoos – Crosses are one of the most recognizable religious symbols available; however, cross tattoos are used for more than religious meaning. They can be seen in gothic pieces; they can be used as something of a fertility symbol – as in the pagan use of the Celtic cross – or a symbol of healing, as with the caduceus cross. For religious purposes, there are many pieces to choose from like the Greek, Latin and Papal crosses. >> Cross Tattoo Designs
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tattoos art
Butterfly Tattoos – Although seen as a simple symbol of femininity, butterfly tattoos have a significance that reaches around the globe. In Japan, the number of butterflies symbolizes the different stages of womanhood, while to the Aztecs and Christians, they are an emblem for a newly freed spirit. However, they are most widely seen as a symbol of transformation. That — along with their undeniable beauty, charm and uniqueness — makes them a very popular tattoo choice. >> Butterfly Tattoo Designs
Lower Back Tattoos – Lower back tattoos gained popularity around the time that a change in fashion sense rolled around; with the advent of low cut jeans and high cut shirts came the idea of body art used artfully to tease. These pieces are often used to show the playful, sexy side of the wearer; while the art itself is generally done in a style that serves to accentuate the curves and femininity of the wearer. >> Lower Back Tattoo Designs
traditional tattoo artist 150x150 tattoos art
tattoos art
Flower Tattoos – Flower tattoos are undoubtedly one of the most popular tattoo designs in body art. They are used by every culture, gender and age group; they are used by themselves or to frame other symbols. They also carry an array of meaning; jasmine is a symbol of grace, an orchid, delicate beauty. A red rose tattoo is an emblem for love, while a white carnation symbolizes remembrance. You can use flower tattoo designs to express just about anything. >> Flower Tattoo Designs
Heart Tattoos – Hearts are thought to be a symbol of romance and love; they are also used for religious significance, and are thought to be at the center of everything – soul and mind included. There are many ways that people like to depict the heart. Two hearts melded together can mean the love of two people, while a heart ripped in two can express a tragic affair; a heart with wings, a free spirit, and so on.  Heart Tattoo Designs
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tattoos art

blackwork tattoo vincent 150x150 tattoos art
tattoos art

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