Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hot Girls Near Beach In AL Arab

Latest News Update About Hot Girls Near Beach In AL Arab : When most of us mere mortals to pack on the beach, it is the most we can do to find just one suit that fits in the depths of our drawers.
But if your spouse is entitled to payrise of 250,000 pounds a week, and you have a multi-millionaire is your own truth, nothing less than a bikini day will do.
It was Coleen Rooney reason for her fashion week holiday in Dubai with her husband Wayne.
Mother-of-one has lounged poolside in a seven-star Burj Al Arab in a succession of fashion two pieces, with a number of costs up to three numbers.
One of her favorite seems to be a little Missoni number, which debuted at the beginning of the week in the United Arab Emirates, as well as revealing what appears to be her newly-toned bust, which caused speculation about breast augmentation.
Ms. Rooney – who once presented a television show called Real Women – has been treating what should be a relaxing break as a fashion shoot.
It is estimated that the couple spent a massive £ 30,000 for six days in the sun – and Coleen’s not counting the amount spent in swimwear boutiques.
Speaking for the first time since Wayne had cheated on her with two prostitutes, a 24-year-old revealed the couple fled to Britain ‘to get away from it all’ and heal their marriage.
Ms. Rooney said the Daily Mail: “Do you think Wayne and I deserve a break?”

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