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Wonderful Thai Women!!!


Thai women are polite, reserved and shy.
They are beautiful and exotic because of their Asian culture, Thai women are known to be one of the best wives in the world. More and more western men are looking for women in Thailand and in Singapore, Philippines etc ...
The Thai are usually tall and slender.

Most of Thai women live in rural areas, despite the large cities.
Thai women have deep-rooted traditional values, such as respect for their parents, elders and authorities.
Thai women love eating with other Thai women, entertaining each other. They openly embrace their culture and love Thailand at all levels of society.

Thai women prefer to avoid conflict, they don´t like to fight and unpleasant behavior. Thai women are trained to hide their true feelings, that is their nature. This contrasts with the dominant trends in Western society where rudeness is a character trait that is highly rated. Thai women will accept fate and will try not to complain.
Thai women and Thai people in general, see a pleasure to meet each other. This is what Thai women call freedom.

The origin of many facets of the behavior of women in Thailand is the country's dominant religion, Buddhism. Many Buddhists believe that your present life is influenced by the amount of good deeds in a previous life and thus their next life will be influenced by how you behave in life today. It is a peaceful religion that discourages extremism. Thai women she trains to give a big emphasis on compromise and the right of all people to live their life as you see fit.

Another interesting thing about the women in Thailand are their  fascination and beliefs in ghosts. Most Thai women believe that ghosts must be appeased and treated with respect. Many Western men were surprised by the seriousness with which Thai women take astrology and how they can be superstitious.
Many Thai women believe deeply in astrology as a guide for the implementation of projects.

Some men from Western culture, have som problems, especially because of the numerous social 'rules' in Thainland.
Remember your manners when you decide to visit Thailand, is the quality that is valued.

Thai women are, essentially, very friendly, helpful and generous. One of the keys to the success of a relationship with Thai women is to smile brightly whenever possible. That is true in all societies, but Thai women pay particular attention to a person smiling and happy.
Thai women associate happiness with a smile and a good person, a lucky person. If you can combine this with gentleness and good manners, you're doing well on your way to find love in Thailand.

The standard greeting in Thailand is Sawat Dee (which means good luck).
 It is unusual to shake hands saluting, however, if you are a stranger, Thai women can do it politely. A polite nod of his head and a smile makes you go far!.
A valued form of greeting in Thailand is the "wai", where the hands are placed together around the nose area and a bow tie is made, but
a simple gesture, sincere and educated with your head will be appreciated. The Thais have great respect for the head which is the most sacred part of the body. Never touch someone's head for no good reason.

Be careful not to gesture with your hands or feet or violent movements.
Thai women will not only be extremely upset, but you can cause some trouble with the police because it is a crime to speak bad about King of Thailand. You'll notice immediately upon arrival in Thailand reverence for the King in portraits, Queen and the Royal Family in songs and hymns on TV and radio. You will see the king and the Thai royal family honored in all broadcast media at least twice a day at 8:00 and 06:00. If you hear when the anthem is played, show respect, standing in silence.

There are three key things that the strangers must remember when meeting women in Thailand.

1 - Try to smile as much as possible and be educated.
2 - Do not lose your temper even if it is fully justified.
3 - Respect the King of Thailand, Thailand and Thai culture.

Thai women are sensitive, loving and sensible.
Good people to a deep friendship!.
It is worth knowing that this people is on the other side of the planet and exchange information on culture, traditions and customs are very important.

The cheerful attitude, the graceful walk, the charming smile, the gentle nature, the lovely figure, all this and more seems to combine into a Siamese bewitchment seemingly capable of captivating men of almost any nationality.
Yet, despite the increasing demand for their charms, Thai women remain strangely unaffected by recent publicity and by the hordes of foreigners paying them compliments.

In fact, again and again, conversations with Thai women reveal what can only be described as an inferiority complex. To the average Thai, a high-bridged Caucasian nose and blonde hair and white skin are indisputable symbols of beauty.

There are, of course, many other cultural traits that contribute to the charm and beauty of Thai women. While in the West, public confrontation, criticism and debate are accepted practices, in Thailand people are calmed down during arguments with the phrase, chai yen yen, or “keep a cool heart.”

One American southerner described his domestic life with his Thai wife as blissful because of just such cultural traditions: “She never raises her voice at me at home because she says the family spirit might be offended by disharmony and confusion. So she doesn’t shout and we never have any heated arguments.

Men who have had relationships only with Thai women in Bangkok may think such traditions disappeared generations ago. But most of Thailand’s population is still located in the countryside not far from a ricefield and these traditions remains.

But it seems clear that the charm of a Thai female is far more than merely physical. It involves a vivaciousness, a naturalness, a well-developed sense of humor, and, perhaps, above all, the intelligence to deal with life’s problems while maintaining an almost childlike ability to delight in living. In other words, an attitude toward life which understands that life is meant to be enjoyed. As the Thais say, “If it’s not sanuk (joyful, happy), it’s not worth doing.”

In Thailand it is unacceptable for any conservative couples to have sex before they get married. Thai people usually link having sex with getting married. Thai culture doesn't allow boys and girls to stay overnight together even though they have no sex, except if they are in group of friends or family. Thai people wouldn't have sex before marriage while in a modern western couple, there is no commitment before having sex. It often said that "Man wants to be the first boy of his girlfriend while woman wants to be the last girl of her boyfriend".

Values, attitudes and behaviour of many Thai teens are in crisis because of excessive Western influences promoted by the mass media. To combat sexual promiscuity among teens, a Thai senator said she would launch a public campaign to encourage students to remain chaste until marriage. Conservatives blame the media and  Western culture and for the disintegration of the family. They praise Thai values, in which women are expected to preserve their virginity and display sexual correctness.

Sex or premarital sex is happening much more than conservatives think but it is not considered such a "dirty" thing any longer. Many couples live together before getting married, to test out their relationship.
Under-age and pre-marital sex is no longer taboo as long as there is some restraint.
Thai women have entered the mainstream of nearly all aspects of life, including careers in business, the professions, and the arts.

 In Germany more than 30 000 Thai women are married to German men. But also in many other countries too.

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