Monday, September 26, 2011

body painted clothes

Indian Girl Body Painting Photos

Chinese Cultural Dresses Body Painting

Body Painting - Canada Flag on breasts

Body Painting - Beach wear

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Artistic Body Painting

Japanese Samurai Man Body Painting

Body Painting Art Picture With Dark Background

Body Painting Art Show In Festival In Europe

Beautiful Pink and Blue Body Painting Photos

Body Painting Fantasy 2011

Painting process begins by establishing a clear working area with plenty of space. Make sure you have more than adequate lighting. Typical room lighting is insufficient because it works with very small objects and fine details. I recommend you put a table lamp right in your workspace and additional lighting.

Inspect the pieces you will paint. Look for errors, problems, and excess metal or plastic. Delete those parts beyond a file or side cutters.

First miniature white dressing. This mini first protect against damage, will prevent the paint to peel, and will help you see the smallest details of the model. Be sure to apply the background very thin and very uniform. Avoid fine details obstruction.

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